The Story

Blank white book w/pathMemphis, 1956. Rock ’n’ Roll explodes onto the scene. And Tommy Rhodeen just wants a part of it. But for now, Tommy’s a small-time private eye recovering stolen merchandise and trying to keep the law from shutting him down.

That is until Tommy gets a call from the wealthy wife of a prominent local businessman. And goes from searching for hot cars to one hot chick—in the form of a missing seventeen-year-old girl—who’s wild about Rock ’n’ Roll.

From there Tommy encounters murder, uncovers rackets and rubs shoulders with corrupt politicians. He gets shaken down by crooked cops, confronts racial tensions and winds up in more trouble than he could ever imagine. But when he least expects it, Tommy gets the chance he always dreamed of. Because just like the detective business, Rock ’n’ Roll is never what it seems to be.

Packed with historical references that capture the place and period, Descending Memphis blends the twists and action of the detective and thriller genres with some soul searching questions found in a coming-of-age story.